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obviously, this is a blog where daily photos of dogs are posted. obviously.  (my other photoblog is here)

these daily dog photo shots are of dogs being dogs. enjoying life and doing things that help us stupid people enjoy life, too. no studio shots. some snapshots and some silliness. you can see more of my shots at www.digitalmuzzle.com. here.  most of the shots are taken in tucson, az, but sometimes i get to visit dogs in other towns as well.

thanks for stopping by. leave a comment if you want us to take a look at your dog photos.

why did i start this photo blog? i love dogs, of course, but mostly….i want to show you what i see: dogs expressions, dogs emotions, and individual dogs animalities. (personalities)

i believe that if people notice that dogs express love, fear, anger, contentment, humour, then maybe they will stop treating them like property. maybe they will realize they are sentient beings and that they give love and contribute to the wellness of society.

oh, and one tiny detail.   all content (pictures, editorial, original ideas) have what we call…a copyright belonging to digital muzzle dog photography.  much appreciated, thanks.

also, i have another blog where i talk about my dogs’ adventures…and some of my more interesting plants. http://starcraving.wordpress.com. and sometimes bugs, beer, or work.  and now i have a new nature photography blog, as well!


www.digitalmuzzle.com ….dogs…being dogs

dog photograpy – tucson, az

a VFXY photo blog!

Business Directory for Tucson, Arizona

24 Responses to “dog daily photo”

  1. what a brilliant idea
    i wish i’d thought of that!
    have just got into blogging so i spend most of my time in a state of confusions wondering where on eath to find the links to change things on the blogg! eg how to put my favorate bloggs onto the blogg roll! [like yours for instance]

    how long does it take you from downloading your pic to yr pc to publishing it?

    it takes me – and that doesn’t include pics 2 hrs!
    thats crazy
    i’m rambling

  2. for this blog, only about 5 minutes, but for my other blog, starcraving.wordpress.com, it takes longer because i write more.
    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great pix! And I’m glad you’re intending to use just your pix (and not youtube or lolhotdog[?]).

    You have a good eye and clearly know how to capture the canine spirit. I’ve added this to my blogsurfer.

  4. thanks terry that is the coolest compliment!

  5. Hi Goodbear
    Just checked out your Digital Muzzle – wonderful pics. Can you do the ‘All Rights Reserved’ thing on Flickr? And a cheeky question cause I’m thinking of updating my camera, what one do you use? Or is it top secret ;)

  6. hi hilary!
    the camera i use for most of the pictures you see on this particular blog is the canon eos 20d. and i love it! the photos you see on my other blog, starcraving.wordpress.com have some shots with that and some with my little point and shoot canon powershot A550….which recently died and i was devestated. i am now borrowing my boss’s canon powershot sd750 digital elph as my take everywhere camera. some of my point and shoot pictures with the powershots make it onto this blog. i mean…i really never go anywhere without it.
    so, i would recommend either of those cameras, depending on how much you want to spend.

  7. Well thank you for the info on your camera. I’ll check them both out and maybe put one on my Christmas list.

  8. […] that how it works? I think about my new camera, (Canon Powershot A550 – thank you Goodbear) talk about it, write about it, imagine using it and then by some miracle it appears in my Christmas […]

  9. Bless you for your idea…
    Grew up with dogs who taught me more than anyone else.
    Don’t have any now, but love them all nonetheless ^_^

  10. Thank you for taking the time to do all of this work so we all can enjoy. I will be adding a link from the “photographers I admire” section on my blog. I hope thats ok?

  11. certainly that’s ok maggie mae! thanks!!! glad you found this blog everyone!

  12. Awesome idea! You can check out me (Pruett – the black one) and my sister (Daphen – the white one) at our blog if you wish! You will find new German Shepherd madness nearly every day. The blog chronicles our life – “our” being two GSD pups currently 4 months old – and adventures in this crazy human world.

    Hope to see you – we’ll check back for our doggie pic fix!

  13. Great Blog….what part of the world do you live?

    Did you take all these dog pics? Two thumbs up!

  14. Thanks for the comment and keep up the good blogging my friend!

    All the best from Andreas

  15. Cool blog. Who can resist dogs and all their cuteness?!
    How come you come into contact with so many dogs?

  16. otautahi,
    i have alot of dog training contacts and volunteer for a local animal shelter. and….i’m always looking for dogs because they’re my favorite subjects.
    thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

  17. I’ve had a loving companion for 14 years in my Chinese Crested, BuKi. Anyone who tries to tell me that dogs do not and can not feel emotions, think, manipulate, and throw tantrums simply haven’t spent enough time with them. She and I have shared a long and understanding communion that I feel truly blessed to have.

    Nice blog, nice subject and good photography. Thanks…

  18. This is definitely a nice blog to stumble across :)

    I loved the pictures and also the simplicity of your blog design.

    Feel free to check out a local dog blog I do in Halifax NS, Canada at our most popular park that is also a very “dog friendly” park…lucky for us.


    Cheers and I will keep coming back to see some more great shots.

  19. thanks trent. just saw your dog park blog. nice!

  20. thanks for finding the blog ruby. i totally get what you mean about buki!

  21. I love your photos of the dogs. You definitely have a way for capturing their personalities.

  22. thanks emily! glad you found the blog!

  23. You are my hero!(ine)

  24. I’d like to thank for the energy you have put in posting this website. I am looking to see othersite post from you in the future. please also excuse my poor english as it is not my first language.

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