warm and snuggly!

hello everyone!  i hope your weekend is off to a great start!

i think the cool weather is finally here! cool…not quite cold.  i just found out yesterday that my bedroom heater has a carbon monoxide leak.  that’s ok, as i was going to try to go as long as possible without using the gas heat anyway.

why?  i was going to rely on dog warmth!  some people don’t like dogs sleepin’ on the bed.  that’s cool, whatever.  but it could take  a couple weeks to get a new heater installed, so fortunately i have two heating units.

speaking of heating units, that dog above is bailey.  a real snuggler.  i think golden retrievers make excellent heating units, and there is NO danger of them leaking carbon monoxide. . . .

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3 Responses to “warm and snuggly!”

  1. Sometimes they leak other gasses though. Sorry, it just had to be said! :)

  2. i actually almost said it myself!

  3. I sleep with a small Chinese Crested named BuKi. She is a frail and delicate thing who, at times, emits such a noxious cloud of reek that I honestly have a can of Febreze Extra Strength sitting on my bedside table. I kid you not. For a small beastie, she is a powerful force.

    That said, she’s terrific at warming my feet. I just should have named her Stench, that’s all!

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