dog daily photo – her daily toy

every day after work the dogs meet me at the front door and pickles has a different toy in her mouth.  tonight was the yellow ring, about the size of a bagel, from the intellibone assembly.

i made the greetings, then informed them that i was exhausted and we were going to have a family nap.  i instructed them to get up on the bed, pickles still with her toy.  she sat above me, looking down into my eyes with this fuzzy yellow bagel in her mouth and circling her chin, a goofy, somber expression on her little face.  i thought it was stuck at first.

“if we sleep….will i have to let go of my daily toy?”

i went to get the camera.  for the life of me, i could not get her to recreate that silly look.

here she worries  as cody bear approaches the bed from the side.  but he had no interest in the toy.  he only wonders why pictures weren’t being taken of him!

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One Response to “dog daily photo – her daily toy”

  1. That is definitely the “Are you gonna try to take this toy from me?” look!

    PP and CB always look so clean and fluffy. You are such a good mum.

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