dog daily photo – “seriously?”

this is the chiweenie and his look says it all.

i’ve had this blog going for a year and 3 days now!  and in that time i have NEVER said anything negative about any of the dogs i’ve posted, or their owners.  in the last month i’ve received 2 very negative comments: one telling me that my dog cody bear was the ugliest dog they had ever seen and then another rude comment today on a picture i took of a really cute dog.

this is a light hearted dog blog.  i’m not trying to educate anyone on dog breeds or dog training, though sometimes i do mention those things.  i only educate people on how much i love dogs.  i never proclaimed to be a professional dog trainer, veterinarian or an akc judge.

like i learned in grade school: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

and….like i learned from aminat in america’s next top model….”if it ain’t cute…keep it mute.”

frequently i do thank people for visiting and for leaving comments.  we have many devoted and lovely visitors.  please remember that this blog is for people looking for pictures of dogs….not  condescending, rude and snide comments to the photographer.

again…i thank the repeat visitors.  and i also thank new visitors for stopping by.   we love comments here…but i don’t want any reader to leave this blog saying, “what a jerk” about anything they’ve read on this site.

thanks for taking the time to read this.  and i’m glad to have found a common ground with so many dog lovers!

good night.

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11 Responses to “dog daily photo – “seriously?””

  1. Anyone who would even think of calling Cody Bear ugly is clearly deranged and should be hit with the Ban Hammer.

  2. thanks dennis. and cody bear thanks you. he may not know how to win a fight with a cat…but he knows how to strike a pose.

  3. Maybe that person just saw their own reflection on their computer screen & didn’t realize it. That is the only way I see it happening :)

  4. I couldnt believe anyone who wasnt blind (and even they dont have much excuse) could think Cody Bear was ugly. He is very unique and probably one of the most handsome dogs I have seen. Total eye candy in the doggy world! Your photography is amazing as well! Dont let people with no sense get you down. Your webpages make many people very happy. Please keep it up! I check up on your blogs every day to make the day go faster til I can get home to my babies! Thank you

  5. wow! thanks britta! i don’t think cody has been called eye candy before! i’m pretty sure hearing that would make him wag!!

  6. Cody bear is so beautiful! Those people are clearly just weirdos looking for attention. Very annoying weirdos though — I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with them.

  7. I am a devoted visitor and I think your dogs are beautiful and I admire your photography.
    For that matter it is obvious that you spend a great deal of time around dogs and have above average knowledge in this area.
    I for one thank you for the time you take to share with us all!

  8. thanks everyone. dog daily photo has the nicest visitors!
    thanks for supporting our photos….and the dogs!

  9. This is a beautiful shot. I love the light and the way his ear looks translucent.

  10. Sometimes people have hard, broken, cruel hearts. We need to pity them because they will never know the joy of a dog – an ugly dog, a cute dog, a silly dog, a beautiful dog. They will never know that to a dog parent no other dog is as beautiful or talented or smart or incredible in their ability to love us unconditionally even tho sometimes we don’t deserve that love. The dog thinks we do and that’s all that matters. I’m sorry goodbear you had to experience the mean comments from one of these people…they are lost to the awesome experience we have with our furry children. Cody is incredibly, awesomely beautiful and anyone who cannot see that is surely broken.

  11. Your picures and captions are wonderful. There’s always someone in the crowd who was raised without manners …and don’t they love to show it around. Keep up the beautiful work George…it adds to our lives
    PS There’s no such thing as an “ugly dog”…. just angry people looking at life through negative eyes….

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