daily photo – keeping a watchful eye…

a few days ago, we woke to the sounds of several coyotes killing one of the neighborhood feral cats.  now, cody bear hates the cats, but even more…he’s scared of coyotes.  if they’ve been in our yard, he won’t go outside for hours unless i take him out on a  leash.

so here he is at lunch time today, being very cautious, keeping an eye on a movement he saw in the bushes on the other side of the fence.

if it’s a cat, he will run at the fence, barking as if to say, “how dare you stupid cat? get out of our yard.”

and if it’s a coyote….he’ll start squeaking and run to the back door.  that’s my brave bear!

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6 Responses to “daily photo – keeping a watchful eye…”

  1. So fuzzy. I miss my fuzzy dog! I have two lovely short haired dogs, but we’re wishing we could add some more dog hair to our furniture one day in the future. :)

    You take lovely photos and I always love the blurbs about them!

  2. He looks so huggable and lovable. Very alert there!

  3. stephanie… he is VERY soft and fuzzy. and he loves cuddling!
    thanks for the comment. i try hard to get something up each day that hopefully someone will like. and i hope everyone sees how much i love the dogs!

  4. stilllife, he is so huggable. great for winter spooning!
    he’s my little guy!

  5. Smart boy — when you see one coyote, you know there are six more hiding behind that bush over there …

  6. Very Smart Dog Awarded to the Handsome Cody Bear!

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