pas de deux

i considered calling it paw de deux or paws de deux, but that would be too cutesy. (yet… i mention it anyway)

i love snapping pictures of dogs playing.  i focus mainly on the faces so that i can try to predict what they will do next.  since i’m focusing on their faces, i almost never see how crazy their bodies are if the dogs are moving very, very fast.

so here it looks like the dogs are playing some crazy game of twister.  right front paw yellow.  back left paw blue.

today’s daily photo:  a german shepherd puppy and a terrier mix rescue dog playing at dog day care…

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5 Responses to “pas de deux”

  1. “Scotty, we’ve had another Transporter Beam accident!”

  2. Two bucks on the german shepherd!

  3. We are 2 Maltese dogs and these are is just a great and hilarious picture. Also, LuLu wants to be a pro-wrestler when she grows up, but she is only five pounds, so it’s not looking so promising. Also she already is already grown up. But maybe she can learn some moves from these two. You PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy. htp://

  4. Wow! Look what I miss when I’m busy for a weekend.
    Has the white dog got a piece of the GSD in his mouth?

  5. Looks like doggie judo!

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