daily photo – waiting

at the market where i sometimes grab breakfast.

i saw him as soon as i turned the corner to approach the store.  as i approached he turned his head for a fraction of a second then whipped his head back to lock his eyes on the door.

i went in, grabbed breakfast and returned to a picnic table about 10 feet from him.  he could have cared less.  his owner, early twenties, there with a breakfast date, approached the door from within.  the dog didn’t move anything but his tail stump and ears.

as soon as the sliding doors opened the dog was up and glued to his side.

i think the guy said the dog was named dakota.

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2 Responses to “daily photo – waiting”

  1. Remember the theory (Levi Strauss? ) that the anthropologist changes the behaviour of her subject simply by being there? Apparently it doesn’t apply to Ozzies.

  2. There is nothing as sweet on earth as a dog’s devotion!

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