what makes you love your favorite dog breed?

hey everyone! it’s time for another german shepherd dog.  i sure know alot of them.  my very first dog was a german shepherd.  i was just a kid, a tiny kid, so i don’t have many memories of her.  and since i was born in 1970, there are no digital photos of her.   every dog since then has been a mutt!

why do you choose the dog breeds you have?  which of their traits make you so loyal to that breed?

the three dogs i’ve had as an adult are: loki the border chow(border collie/chow), cody bear(an aussie/chow mix) and now my puppy pickles

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3 Responses to “what makes you love your favorite dog breed?”

  1. You seem to like the herding dogs, Goodbear. So do I: energetic but not insanely so, fun-loving, intelligent, not scary-looking, coats furry enough to cover their modesties but not high maintenance… does that begin to cover it?

  2. Your first dog, a german shepherd named Nikki was a female. She would run after you, and chase you and when you fell down she would lick your face and you would giggle. The two of you would roll around on the ground, her pouncing and licking and you giggling and trying to get away.

  3. I love tiny dogs because I can’t physically handle big dogs. I love chihuahuas for their big, expressive eyes, their loyalty (as all dogs are), because they’re so feisty and even because they’re neurotic. It is very endearing. Their cuteness is a factor too.

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